What Can I Do?

One of the primary things you can do is write to the Council and voice your opinions. And get your friends, relatives and anyone else to write in too. The more letters written, the more the Planning Officer will take note. This is much more effective than petitions.


It is better if you don’t use our templates as it is important that all letters are different. However you will still find templates here along with lots of individual objections that you can use. If you don’t have the time to send your own letter then please use the templates as that is much better than not sending anything at all.


Here are some tips on how to compose and what to include in your letter:


  • If granted the application would have devastating and long lasting effects on wildlife such as dormice, bats and birds.
  • The proposed application is contrary to "Planning Policy Wales" which states best and most versatile land should be retained for future generations and for agricultural purposes. The application for the solar farm, if granted, would greatly reduce the ability for the land to be farmed.
  • The proposed application will have wide effects beyond the immediate locality, i.e tourism will be impacted along with those wishing to visit the area for walks and cycling pursuits.
  • There will be an unacceptable visual and physical impact if the application is granted. It would damage the historical landscape of national importance. 
  • If granted, the application would have an unwanted physical and audible impact giving significant noise pollution.
  • The land is currently farmed and has green field status, this should be preserved as there are no overriding reasons for this application to be granted


To find out who the case officer for an application is go to the Applications page and click the link. This will take you to the details of the applications where you will find the Application Reference, Case Officer, etc. You can also use the template letters for this purpose.


Downloadable Documents

Fairwater Farm Template Letter (Word Document). Click here to download.


Fairwater Farm Reasons to Object (Word Document). Click here to download.



Clearwell Farm Template Letter (Word Document) Click here to download.


Clearwell Farm Reasons to Object (Word Document). Click here to download.