Planning Applications

This page lists links to Planning Applications for energy schemes:


Solar Array, Fairwater Farm, Michaelston-y-Fedw

This is an application on land owned by Sir Stanley Thomas and is being developed by Eco Energy World. It covers an area of approximately 30 acres. This was the primary reason this group was formed. This application was granted permission by Newport Planning Committee in October 2015. A small part of the site is within the Cardiff boundary and was subject to a separate application to Cardiff Council. That application was also allowed.


Due to pressure from Keep Us Rural the application has been reduced from its original size of 110 acres.


Keep Us Rural challenged the Newport decision by way of a Judicial Review which took place in January 2016.

In total we used four grounds to try and gain permission to proceed to a Judicial Review and to attempt to overturn the decision, they were:-

1. Failure to require an Environmental Impact Assessment.
2. Failure to correctly assess the flood risk.
3. Failure to require an adequate sequential test.
4. Failure to report to Planning Committee that a new road within the site was required.

The Judge dismissed grounds 2 and 3 but gave us permission to proceed to Judicial Review on grounds 1 and 4.

He then dismissed ground 4 but ruled that Newport City Council had made an error of law regarding ground 1. Unfortunately he then used his discretion on ground 1 and decided not to quash the decision to allow planning permission for the solar farm.

We have applied to The Court of Appeal for permission to challenge this decision.


There are currently two planning applications lodged with Newport City Council to satisfy the planning conditions for this solar farm. We have looked very closeley at these and have have sent our detailed observations to The Planning Officer.


Solar Array, Channel View, Castleton

This application has now been withdrawn by the developer following pressure from Keep Us Rural.

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Wind Turbine, Clearwell Farm, Michaelston-y-Fedw

This is an application on land at Clearwell farm by David Phillips. The turbine will be sited approx. 200M West of Clearwell Farm and approx. 525M from the existing turbine owned by David. It is larger than the two existing at 45M to the centre of the hub and 67M to the blade tip. It is capable of generating 400Kw’s at peak. This application will be decided by committee decision. This application was amended due to pressure from Keep Us Rural, originally it was 60M to centre of hub, 84M to blade tip and 500Kw.

Click here for more information (Application Ref: 14/0460)

Although this application has not been withdrawn it has not progressed since June 2015 which is when Keep Us Rural alerted Newport City Council to inaccuricies in the noise assessment report.



Solar Array, Cefn Llogell Farm

Keep Us Rural made significant representations to Newport City Council regarding this application which was subsequently refused by The Planning Committee.

The Applicant then appealed this decision and again we then made representations to The Planning Inspectorate.

We are delighted to be able to report that The Planning Inspectorate upheld the decision to refuse the application due to the loss of Best and Most Versatile land and visual impact.

A copy of the decision can be found HERE